(海 Kai) "sea"
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Terra, Aqua and Ventus in Kingdom Hearts 2.5
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WOAH I’ve hit 1k followers what!!!?!?!! I’ve had this blog for a little over a year and I just wanna say, thank you to everyone who is following me! I’m so grateful for all my followers. Every time I gain a new follower I smile like an idiot because actual people have found my blog acceptable. Like, wow!! Thank you! And even if you’re not on this, just remember that I am so thankful for your existence and I love you~   …but I probably did forget a lot of people, sorry!
If you’re not following these blogs then I highly recommend you check them out! Top quality, these are:
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Why does Pete look so….not evil? ☆
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"Put an end to me."
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i bought this with my owN MONEY SO Y’ALL CAN’T JUDGE ME —- (രᴗര๑)         [ by hinausa. & i can’t believe she tolerates my commissions //paps ]
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